We offer custom and standard-sized pallets to meet your every need.

A family owned and locally operated business for over 12 years.

Pallet Types:

  • Runner pallets
  • Block style pallets
  • Wood crates
  • Heat treated ISPM-15 pallets for Export

Pallet Materials

  • New Hardwood
  • New Pine/Softwood
  • Remanufactured
  • Used
  • Recycled

Pallet Repair Program

Pioneer Packaging offers one of the best pallet repair programs in the Midwest. As an alternative to buying pallets, we offer repair programs for your pallets. Depending upon the volume, we can spot an empty trailer at your facility for loading your repairable pallets as they become available. We will repair your pallets and deliver them back to your location at a minimal cost. This program is great way to help the environment and to save you money.

Pallet Waste & Scrap Management

Pioneer Packaging offers pallet waste removal services for unusable wooden pallet materials. We offer a variety of scrap management programs to our customers including buying the scrap, pallet repairs, recycling, and others. Our innovative ways of scrap management have resulted in great savings for our customers. For more information please contact us at (260)729-2658 to find out how Pioneer Packaging can help you manage your wooden scrap and save money.

Pallet Delivery

Pioneer Packaging operates its own fleet and offers expedited deliveries for companies that need an immediate delivery of their order. Our customers have found this service to be quite useful especially when there are last minute changes to their delivery schedules. Pioneer Packaging’s own fleet of State-of-the-Art trucks offers full size trailers, flat bed service and Just In Time delivery of all your products. We have EXCELLENT customer service and guarantee on time delivery.

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Fax: 260-726-6857
Email: wade@pioneerpackagingcompany.com

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Pioneer Packaging has one of the largest pallet manufacturing and warehousing facilities in Indiana. We provide pallets and crates to Fortune 500 companies in various industries including, food & beverage, consumer products, and general manufacturing. We ship to IN, OH and MI.
Pioneer Packaging recycles over 1 million pallets per year. We also produce 30 million lbs of livestock bedding annually for many types of livestock.